Upper Feeder Shutdown

Call To Action: Due to a Major Shutdown from Crescenta Valley Water District’s Imported Water Supplier (MWD), All Crescenta Valley Water District Customers Are Asked to Stop Outdoor Watering from

September 6 – 20, 2022


Starting Tuesday, September 6, 2022, most of Southern California residents and businesses are being called on to suspend outdoor watering for 15 days as a critical water pipeline is shut down for emergency repairs. This includes all Crescenta Valley Water District customers too. The pipeline is part of Metropolitan Water District's (MWD) regional water system, delivering water from the Colorado River. MWD is putting out an urgent water-saving call to stretch Southern California's severely limited water supplies.  


Crescenta Valley Water District receives about 50% of its water from MWD. This shutdown will affect all agencies receiving water that goes through this pipeline. Therefore, all the affected water agencies will be asking their residents and businesses to not water landscapes for these 15 days and significantly reduce their water usage, in order to conserve limited State Water Project supplies. Click here to view the map of affected MWD member agencies.


We understand that residents may be concerned about their landscaping and other outdoor watering activities, but the shutdown will significantly limit the amount of drinking water available during the 15-day period throughout this region. After September 20, CVWD will go back to two days a week watering, Orange Alert, (Tuesdays & Saturdays).


Below are tips on how both residents and businesses can prepare their landscaping for no watering during the September 6-20 shutdown:




General Landscaping

  • Delay all new plantings until after Sept. 20.
  • Avoid fertilizing lawns and plants prior to the shutdown.
  • Weed your garden to help make more water available for your plants.
  • Set your sprinkler timer to the “OFF” position on the evening of Sept. 5.



  • Aerate your lawn and add compost two weeks prior to the shutdown.
  • Set mowers for a higher cut or avoid mowing. Longer grass helps reduce evaporation.
  • Do a normal watering of your lawn on Saturday, September 3rd. 


Shrubs/Flowers/Ground Covers

  • Water deeply and early the morning Saturday, September 3rd. 
  • Add mulch around your plants and water beneath mulch.
  • Shade your plants where possible with sun cloth, canopy tents or umbrellas.
  • Prune plants to reduce leaves.
  • Water succulents and other desert plants as normal. Overwatering could harm them.



  • On the morning of September 3rd., deep-water your trees and shrubs with soaker hose or regular hose on a slow trickle. Water until the soil is soaked to a depth of about 8-12 inches.
  • Surround the tree with mulch before watering for added moisture retention. 
  • Remember, native California Oak trees don’t require summer watering.





  • Eliminate all outdoor watering.
  • Remember, two weeks of no watering will not kill your lawn. Though you will see a noticeable yellowing, it will  improve once your previous watering schedule resumes.
  • Do not mow your lawn. Minimize the use of your lawn for playing, parking vehicles.



  • Put a bucket in your shower to collect water as the shower warms up. Use for houseplants, sensitive outdoor plants and areas of the lawn that may show excessive stress (hot spots).
  • Take short showers (5-minute max).
  • Do not leave water running when washing dishes. Fill a small bin or bucket with water to wash your dishes in. When you’re done, use that water for trees and grass.
  • For more water-saving tips, visit www.bewaterwise.com.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding as MWD repairs this critical pipeline. For more information regarding the pipeline repair visit mwdh2o.com/shutdown.


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