Misc. Fees

Current Fees

Type of Charge: 
New Account Deposit Fee [Per Article 8.03.F(1)] $100.00
Late Payment Charge [Per Article 8.04.D] $25.00
Water Service Re-connection During Office Hours [Per Article 8.03.F(1)] $50.00
After Office Hours or Weekends $125.00
Meter lock damaged or destroyed
Additional fees for the cost of a new lock, District labor and materials to repair damage for unauthorized turn-on
Return Check Charge [Per Article 8.03.F(2)] $35.00
New Account Fee (During Office Hours)
New Account Fee (After Office Hours/Weekends/Holidays) $60.00


Please call the District Office at 818-248-3925 for other miscellaneous charges and fees.

CVWD Rules and Regulation - Changes to Misc. Fees on July 1, 2018

Automatic Payments