Strategic Plan

In October of 2019, the CVWD Board of Directors approved the 2020 Strategic Plan after a year-long planning process. CVWD staff and Board identified the following strategic goals as the highest priority for the District to pursue over the planning horizon, from 2020 through 2025:


·        Reliable Water and Wastewater Service

·        Exceptional Customer and Community Service

·        Efficiency through Technology

·        Fiscal Responsibility

·        Protection of Public and Environmental Health

·        Regional Collaboration and Synergy

·        Employer and Workforce Excellence



As with any plan, it is important to evaluate the progress of its implementation and adapt to changing conditions if necessary. The 2022 Strategic Plan Update provides an opportunity for that reassessment to occur.  In addition, it informs the Board and the community on progress made on the Strategic Plan Goals. 


CVWD has made significant progress on the Strategic Plan Goals. The 2022 Strategic Plan Update lists over 100 goals and initiatives that were completed over the last two years.


The Strategic Plan Update also evaluates whether new conditions or challenges are impacting the District. Since the approval of the original plan, new or more prominent challenges have emerged:


    •         Persistent drought impacting all water supply sources (State Water Project, Colorado River and local groundwater)
    •         Supply chain issues causing delays in construction and operations
    •         Significant inflation for the cost of goods and services (for construction, operations and maintenance)
    •         Lower than expected revenues due to drought and conservation
    •         Global pandemic impacting operational resilience and mission efficacy


The Update reprioritizes and develops new initiatives to mitigate the current challenges. This adaptive approach is necessary to maintain the plan’s viability and utility.


At the August 23rd regularly scheduled board meeting, the CVWD Board of Directors approved the 2022 Strategic Plan Update. Through the acceptance and approval of this plan, the District is reaffirming its commitment to the community of accomplishing its mission and vision:


Mission: To provide quality water and wastewater services to the Crescenta Valley community in a dependable and economically responsible manner.


Vision: Secure sustainable water supplies and ensure infrastructure reliability, while furthering our commitment to accountability, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.