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How to Prepare for a Planned Water Shutdown

Planned water shutdowns are necessary for many pipeline projects to keep Crescenta Valley Water District's (CVWD) distribution system flowing with safe and reliable water to the 33,000 thousand residents it serves. Water shutdowns are scheduled in advance, except for unexpected main breaks, and allow CVWD staff to perform regular maintenance, make repairs, and replace aging infrastructure for future reliability. 


Construction projects require temporary water shutdowns for utility improvements, such as water main replacement projects, booster pump replacements, and reservoir rehabilitation. Construction and maintenance projects often require two to three water shutdowns. Each shutdown can last up to 8 hours while the project is under construction.


While we work to ensure that planned water shutdowns are as short as possible, we understand the inconvenience it may cause. The link below will provide information on what to expect before, during, and after a shutdown.


How to Prepare for a Water Shutdown



Emergency Alert Program

As part of Crescenta Valley Water District’s (CVWD) strategic plan to increase Customer Awareness, Improve Service Offerings, and prioritize Emergency Preparedness, CVWD will use Everbridge.


The Everbridge emergency notification system allows CVWD to instantly send critical messages to residents and businesses across multiple communication devices, including cell phones, home phones, email, text messaging, fax, and more. To ensure that individuals receive time-sensitive, life-saving emergency information from the District residents, you must sign up and register your contact information.


Construction of Emergency Electrical Generator at La Granada Wastewater Lift Station, Project S-962

(August 3, 2022):  Installation of Emergency Electrical Generator at La Granada Lift Wastewater Lift Station within the City of La Cañada Flintridge. Work shall include excavation, site work, electrical work, landscape plantings and irrigation system, perimeter fence and gates, and other appurtenant work.


Construction Schedule:

  • Installation of Temporary Fence - Friday, July 29, 2022
  • Start of Construction - Tuesday, August 2, 2022
  • End of Construction - December 2022

Your cooperation in making this project successful is greatly appreciated. Additional information will be updated periodically on CVWD's website.


If you have any questions or comments concerning this project, please contact Jennifer Bautista, Project Coordinator, at (818) 236-4116 or by email at

Construction of 8-inch Water Main on the 4700-4800 Blocks of Cheryl Avenue & 3200 Block of Alabama Street, Project E-1034

Update (September 22, 2022): 

Scope of Work

The project involves the installation of approximately 1,800 linear feet of 8-inch steel cement lined & coated pipe by using open-cut trenching methods. Other improvements include 6 new Fire Hydrants, Valves and 45 water services with new Advanced metering capabilities. The project limits are Alabama Street between Pennsylvania Ave and Maryland Ave. and the 4700-4800 blocks of Cheryl Ave in the City of Glendale.


Why is this project being done?

The existing 4-inch diameter ​water main along Alabama Street between Pennsylvania Ave and Maryland Ave is approximately 80-years old and is reaching the end of its life.  We are seeing issues with broken water valves along with other concerns and need to replace the main before conditions get worse. The water main size will be increased from 4 to 8-inches in diameter and all valves, fire hydrants, and appurtenances will be replaced and upgraded to meet current standards, which will support future fire protection and water service reliability.


Construction Update 9-22-22

Brkich Construction was awarded the project contract earlier this year. They broke ground on the 3200 block of Alabama Street in September after a long delay due to supply chain shortages. Today marks one month into construction and the project is approximately 25% complete. To date the contractor has installed 600 linear feet of 8-inch steel cement lined & coated pipe, 8 short side water services and 1 fire hydrant. The construction crew is currently working on the 3200 block of Alabama Street. The work will continue west along Alabama Street, between Pennsylvania Ave and Maryland Ave.  The Project is on schedule for completion in November of 2022.  As the project moves forward the work crews and equipment may block part or all of the roadway. Pedestrian access will be maintained within the project limits for the duration of the project. Vehicular traffic in the vicinity of the project will be impacted as a result of the planned work. A certain amount of dust, noise, and inconvenience will be unavoidable due to the nature of the construction project.


Working hours will be Monday – Friday, 7:30am-4pm. Roadways will fully reopen to traffic at the end of each work day and on weekends.


NOTE: All schedules are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances.


Thank you for your support and patience with this project.


If you have any questions please contact Christina Kopelman, Project Manager, at 818-236-4115 or by email at