Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Bautista

Project Coordinator

Hi, my name is Jennifer!

I started working for the District as an Intern in December 2019 and was hired full-time in December 2020 as the District's first Project Coordinator. I will have worked two years in the Engineering Department come December 2021.

I have two degrees; one in Geology and the other in Water Systems Technology. I am a geologist at heart, but I found my new purpose and passion in the water industry.

My contribution to the District's mission is my commitment to "doing my job and doing it right". I enjoy being part of a team that understands the importance of providing best-in-class water and wastewater services to this community. I feel privilieged to be in a position that helps safe-guard an essential life-sustaining component of our lives and families.

My hobbies include hiking/bouldering, camping, snorkeling, and road trips.