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For Immediate Release, May 26, 2016 - Press Release - Crescenta Valley Water District Relaxes Water Conservation Alert Status to Yellow

May 26, 2016

May 26, 2016

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For Immediate Release, May 26, 2016:

Crescenta Valley Water District Relaxes Water Conservation Alert Status in response to modest improvement in water supply conditions

Calling on all Californians and water agencies “to do everything humanly possible to conserve water”, on April 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown issued the first ever executive order (Order) with mandatory reductions in water use. Following the driest year on record (2013), the hottest year on record (2014), and the lowest Sierra snowpack ever recorded (2015), Crescenta Valley Water District (CVWD) faced a State mandated water conservation target of 24%. In April 2015 CVWD moved to “Orange Water Conservation Alert” rationing outdoor water use to two days per week in order to meet the State mandated water conservation target.

While the forecasted El Nino did not bring the anticipated precipitation to Southern California, it did bring above average rain and snow to Northern California allowing the large water supply reservoirs to refill after several years of drought. Local rainfall is currently 60% of average which at 13.2 inches is the highest rainfall since the winter of 2011-12.

Over the past 60 days, several events and actions by state and regional water agencies in response to the current water supply conditions have improved the projected water supply available to CVWD.

  • In March 2016 the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) modified the mandated water conservation targets for several water districts. CVWD’s target was reduced from 24% to 22%.
  • In April 2016 the State Department of Water Resources increased the State Water Project Allocation to 60%, a significant improvement from the 20% and 5% State Water Project Allocation in the prior two years. (The State Water Project Allocation is the percent of the State Water Project capacity that will be delivered.)
  • On May 10th the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) changed the Water Supply Allocation from Stage 3, 10% water supply reduction, to Stage 2, no water supply reduction and MWD projects storing additional water.
  • On May 18th, the SWRCB again modified the mandated water conservation targets with provisions to consider local and regional water supply projections. CVWD anticipates our new conservation target will be further reduced by the SWRCB.

The La Crescenta community’s response to the call for water conservation was remarkable, achieving a 26% reduction in water use, conserving 365 million gallons since the April 2015 restrictions. That is enough water to fill the Rose Bowl to capacity, FOUR times. “Our annual investments in water conservation education and incentives have really paid off, thanks to the efforts of the community”, stated Kerry Erickson, Board President. CVWD has also increased its available local water supply with the completion of a new well at the former Rockhaven site increasing CVWD’s local water supply by 20%.

In response to improvements in our available water supplies and reductions in the State mandated conservation target, CVWD will change from “Orange Water Conservation Alert” to “Yellow Water Conservation Alert” effective Thursday May 26th. Limitations on outdoor watering will change from two days per week to three days per week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. “The community has taken responsibility in response to the call for conservation. This, combined with the improved water supply situation, allows the District to relax the conservation alert status”, stated Tom Love, General Manager. “However, this is not a license to waste water. Hose washing of pavement, allowing water to run off, and other wasteful practices are permanently prohibited”, continued Love.

Information regarding permitted and prohibited water use under the “Yellow Water Conservation Alert” and helpful water saving tips are available on CVWD’s website


Crescenta Valley Water District provides water and wastewater services to the community of La Crescenta and portions of Glendale, La Canada, and Montrose.

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